Automobilista 2 Server Manager

Automobilista 2 Server Manager adds a huge array of powerful new features to your Automobilista 2 server. Create event presets, schedule races, build championships, view results, and manage your server with ease!

Getting Automobilista 2 Server Manager

Buy Automobilista 2 Server Manager - purchase Automobilista 2 Server Manager Premium for self-hosting usage. This is a one-off purchase of $14. You will also receive future Automobilista 2 Server Manager updates!

Buy Automobilista 2 Server Manager for $14


Server Manager Home
Presets - Presets are server/event configurations that can be created, edited and started at any time, including scheduling to start at a later date. Presets give you full control over the server without ever having to modify a configuration file directly. All settings are described with short text to help you understand how best to utilise the options.
Server Manager Presets List
Server Manager Presets
Championships - Manage and track Championships with ease! View points standings, add and configure events and create a Championship description to share information with your drivers.
Championship Overview
Championship Event
Results - Results pages let you easily view the results of an event, including sector times, best laps, invalid laps and penalties.
Results 1
Results 2
Accounts System - Accounts can be created with different access levels to control who can do what on your server, with full audit logs for actions taken by logged in users.
Accounts System
Scheduler - A powerful scheduling system can be used to set events to start at a later date, or to start at regular intervals using recurrance rules.
Calendar - The Calendar lists all scheduled events on your server, so drivers can easily keep track of what is happening and when.
Discord Notifications - Automobilista 2 Server Manager can be linked to your Discord channel via a Webhook integration and then send notification messages in multiple scenarios!
Discord Notifications
Audit Logs - Keep track of the actions of people you've given access to your Manager via the accounts system using the built-in audit logs.
Audit Logs

We're planning on adding more features to Automobilista 2 Server Manager, and every purchase helps us continue our development on our exciting projects!

System Requirements

The below should be taken as minimum requirements for running Automobilista 2 Server Manager. The server executable provided by Reiza Studios may need a more powerful machine than described below, depending on the grid size of your races.

Thanks, and Happy Racing!

Callum & Henry - Automobilista 2 Server Manager Developers

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