Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a slot?

A "slot" is how we measure the player limit of your server. Each slot is a space that one player can join when your server is online. So for example: if you had an 8 slot server, you could have 8 players online at once.

Can I upgrade the number of slots my server has?

Yes! In the Control Panel, you can upgrade your number of slots on your server page.

Can I cancel my server at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your server at any time through our Control Panel. When you have cancelled your server, it will remain online until the end of your billing period. When the end of your billing period is reached, your server will be shut down and archived for 30 days. After 30 days, all of your server content will be permanently deleted.

Do you offer server backups?

Backups are included within your server price. We take daily backups of the important bits of your server including: Results, Presets, Custom Races, Championships, Race Weekends. For Assetto Corsa servers, we do not back up your content folder, as they can have very large file sizes.

My chosen game server updates often - do you keep on top of these updates?

We monitor all of our game servers types for updates. Usually, we'll have an update ready for your server within a day, but this can depend on how much has changed within the game server! You can check to see if an update is available for your Server Manager in the Control Panel. We'll also email you when we release new updates.

How do you update my server?

Our system will automatically update your Server Manager (and Game Server) if an update is available. It will only update your Server Manager if the Game Server is offline. Otherwise, you can start an update at any time using our Control Panel.

Do you provide FTP access (or similar) to my server?

We don't provide FTP access to your server. Our Server Manager allows you to do all of the things you need (including uploading modded content and managing plugins), without needing FTP access. If there is something you need to upload or change that you are not able to do with the Server Manager, please contact us.

Do you offer servers in my region?

Right now, our region availability is determined by the number of customers in each region. If you're looking to purchase a large number of servers or you're running an event for a certain region, please contact us!

Do you do management, technical support and monitoring of large events?

If you're planning an event and are looking for a technical partner to assist you - please send us an email with details of your event and we'll get back to you with a quote. We can provide everything from consultation on event setup to realtime technical support and event management for your event.

Can I purchase a dedicated machine for my game server?

Absolutely! Contact us and we'll sort something out that matches your needs.

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